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Steven’s course helped me get a score of 1500 on the SAT! He is a remarkable teacher who improved my mindset about test prep and growth.

Lakshanah Student

Steven’s commitment to academic excellence, genuine interest in my growth, and mindset preparation raised my SAT score and improved my application!

Faith Student

Steven is dedicated to pursuing excellence as a tutor. He truly finds joy in helping students improve and always bases his work on research and data.

David Colleague

I was able to reach my peak performance because of Steven’s marvelous SAT course, which played a vital role in my college admission and scholarship opportunity.

Monwabisi Student

We have worked with Steven for about 7 years. He has worked with both of my daughters who have very different learning styles. We highly recommend him!

Christine Parent

The emphasis on efficiency and precision was what got me the scores I never thought were possible.

Jacob Student

This course has been the most helpful resource for the SAT. The organization, enthusiasm, and humor in each video made SAT prep easier and enjoyable!

Cesar Student

Without his help I would not have been able to reach my goal score!

Eva Student

Mr. Menking is the best teacher to help you prepare for your tests.

Ian Student

The course took me through every detail of the SAT. We learned helpful techniques and the right mindset for being successful.

Fushi Student

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Meet your tutor: Steven Menking – Founder & CEO

Steven founded Menking Tutoring in 2020 after helping hundreds of families in New York City and around the country since becoming a private tutor in 2014. Prior to becoming an educational entrepreneur, Steven graduated from Williams College in 2010 and began his career at Morgan Stanley. He is passionate about providing as many students, families, schools, and communities as possible with the educational resources they need to expand the opportunities they can access. Steven is completely dedicated to helping students improve not only their test scores and grades but also their critical thinking, problem solving, and self confidence as they grow in their capacity to succeed.


Expanding access and opportunity is a core part of the mission of Menking Tutoring. Families who are able to purchase course memberships allow us to provide free memberships to students at partner schools and organizations across the world. We are thrilled to be connected with so many wonderful teams dedicated to supporting students across the world who deserve access to a premium education!

Ashinaga Kokoro-Juku – Uganda

Liger Leadership Academy – Cambodia

Our Moon Education – Zambia

iMentor – New York City, USA

UWC Dilijan College – Armenia

Bridge for Future Academy – DRC

The Aga Khan Academy – Kenya

Rocking the Boat – Bronx, USA

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