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Menking Tutoring offers comprehensive online Digital SAT and ACT courses, providing everything you need to go from the very beginning of your test prep journey to your final goal score. They are premium, flexible, affordable and proven.

What makes Menking Tutoring Courses unique?
  • Personalized Journey: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. Our courses adapt to YOUR needs.
  • Cutting-edge Strategies: We’re equipped with the latest techniques, software, and insights to help you conquer all the challenges of standardized tests.
  • Top-notch Content: Our 150+ videos and 30+ hours of content per course are designed to maximize your success. They are your roadmap to the best colleges and universities in the country.
  • Mindset Matters: We know that acing the Digital SAT and ACT isn’t just about content knowledge. Our focus on mindset, stress management, and test psychology ensures you’ll perform at your best when it counts.
  • Proven Results: Our students have scored spots in elite colleges and universities. We’re all about driving efficient, optimal improvement.
  • Direct Access: Steven, your dedicated tutor, brings a decade of experience and a passion for student success – he’s your personal guide to reaching your goals. Click here to get to know Steven.
  • Real Testimonials: Don’t just take our word for it! Tour our website and social media for rave reviews from students, parents, and teachers. Narak improved his SAT score by 370 points in just 3 months!

“He broke the material down in a way that made it less daunting for me and helped me to remember the material in the long run, which helped me get the score I wanted!”

Olivia, Student

We are committed to your success and thank you for considering our family business as part of your test prep journey!

See a preview of our courses from the Mindset Phase here!

DSAT Course - 12 Months


  • Completely comprehensive premium digital on-demand SAT Course – 1 Year Access
  • 150+ videos, 30+ hours of content
  • 5 Phases: Mindset, Techniques, Content, Experience, Mastery
  • Best in class technology for immediate Score Reports with individualized feedback every step of the way

ACT Course - 12 Months


  • Premium online test preparation for your ACT – 1 Year Access
  • 5 Phases: Mindset, Techniques, Content, Experience, Mastery
  • Best in class technology for immediate Score Reports with individualized feedback every step of the way
  • Curated to achieve the highest possible score, efficiently

If you aren’t yet sure whether the SAT or the ACT is the best path, please send an email to We can have a conversation about which test is the best fit for your needs and can even send a hybrid diagnostic to help you make that important decision.

DSAT Course - Unlimited


  • Even more content to work on at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • No limit to time spent, access for life
  • Achieve your highest possible score with multiple practice tests

ACT Course - Unlimited


  • Unlimited time limit: take the course at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • Curated to achieve the highest possible score with additional practice and more content
  • Flexibility that also provides structure and accountability