Menking Tutoring’s Online Digital SAT Course Is Almost Here!

Aug 16, 2023 | College, Parent, SAT, Test Prep

It’s almost time to begin preparing for the Digital SAT, the new version of the SAT that students in the US will take beginning in Spring 2024.

Heads up! The PSAT that is administered to juniors in the fall will also be in the new, digital format, so old prep resources for that test are now obsolete as well.

Students, parents, and college counselors are all scrambling to find the best resources that will help them achieve success on the new test. High quality practice tests are hard to come by, and because the test is new there aren’t any premium options available: but that’s about to change!

Menking Tutoring is about to release the most effective, comprehensive, and engaging Digital SAT course available anywhere. Steven Menking is one of the top tutors in the country and has a decade of experience helping students meet and exceed their goals. Once released on September 12th, 2023, Menking Tutoring’s brand new online course will be the best option for students getting ready for the Digital SAT.

Here are the crucial features that set Menking Tutoring’s Digital SAT course apart:

  • Comprehensive materials: 150+ videos spanning 30+ hours of instruction
  • Unique focus on mindset, stress management, and the test taking process
  • Thorough tutorials on the tech used by the Digital SAT
  • Extensive walkthroughs of new shortcuts and calculator solutions
  • Convenient online format replicating 1-1 tutoring performance results
  • Abundant proprietary practice test and score report materials
  • Personalized score report feedback from Steven as well as direct access to him for questions via email
  • Competitive price point compared to other prep approaches

Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check back on our site on September 12th – we can’t wait to get started with you!