Welcome Students!

Oct 15, 2020 | College, Test Prep

If you could be doing anything you wanted, would you be here reading this article and thinking about test prep? I didn’t think so… I know you’re busy and have a ton of things going on. You might even feel a bit sleep deprived and tired of a bunch of nonsense even if things are going ok. Maybe this is actually the last stupid place you want to be and you’re only here because someone is making you check in.

I’m totally fine with that. Number one: it means you’re probably a normal person. Number two: if we’re here we might as well be honest with one another. Number three: I’m going to be even more satisfied when you stick around and actually end up learning and improving a lot.

I promise this isn’t like your normal classes.

I promise that if you stick to the work here that you will improve dramatically, and improvement feels great! I’m here to teach you a bunch of interesting things, to get you to think differently about test prep, to provide you as many opportunities as possible, and to make this fun. Even if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t find this type of work fun right now, I promise you’ll soon begin to enjoy the satisfaction of getting much much better at something important and gaining tons of confidence along the way!

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