The World’s Most Comprehensive Digital SAT Course Has Arrived!

Sep 11, 2023 | Parent, SAT, Test Prep

The Digital SAT will be the new standard for students in the US taking the PSAT in the Fall of 2023 and the full SAT in the Spring of 2024. This new test will require new skills, new techniques, new shortcuts, and new preparation.

Menking Tutoring is pleased to announce that our Digital SAT Course is NOW LIVE! We have 12 month and Unlimited memberships available, and if you are still choosing between the SAT and ACT please send us an email at to set up a time for us to help you make that important decision, free of charge.

Online test prep courses are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience and affordability relative to 1-1 tutoring, and our courses have been able to replicate the incredible results of working directly with a tutor. When choosing an online course please remember that a thorough content review is not enough to generate the best results. Here’s why our DSAT Course outperforms other options you will come across:

  • Fundamental focus on the mindset underpinning the entire test prep process
  • Critical knowledge and strategies to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Important emphasis on discipline and other non-test factors like sleep and nutrition
  • Engaging and personable content that enables greater retention
  • Access to our team directly for support and guidance

No other provider places the same kind of emphasis on these valuable tools that are foundational to the optimization of your test prep journey. Our mission is to provide access to the best test prep resources available to as many students as possible to serve the needs of families, schools, and communities across the world!

Below are some additional features of our state of the art DSAT Course:

  • Comprehensive materials: 150+ videos spanning 30+ hours of instruction
  • Unique focus on mindset, stress management, and the test taking process
  • Thorough tutorials on the tech used by the Digital SAT
  • Extensive walkthroughs of new shortcuts and calculator solutions
  • Convenient online format replicating 1-1 tutoring performance results
  • Abundant proprietary practice test and score report materials
  • Competitive price point compared to other prep approaches

For a limited time, you can get 15% off of our course by using DSAT15 for your purchase! Let me know if you have any questions. We can’t wait to get started!