The Digital SAT is Here!

Jul 20, 2023 | College, Parent, SAT, Test Prep

Beginning in the spring of 2024, students in the US will be taking the new, digital version of the SAT, which we will call the DSAT for convenience. This test is already being administered internationally, and while we are waiting for more actual feedback and practice resources, we already know a good deal about what the DSAT will look like. Below you will find a rundown of the most important aspects of the test for you to consider. 

Before we get there, a quick announcement: Menking Tutoring will be releasing our full DSAT course this September! Our existing SAT course will continue to be available for students taking the pencil and paper version of the test this fall. If you have an existing membership with us you will automatically receive full access to our new course materials without any additional charges when they are published.

The College Board has a variety of helpful resources for the DSAT on their website, including a pdf of the specs of the new test. Here is a basic rundown of the test:

Long story short, this will be a shorter test with a few important big picture changes.

  • Digital Administration – Instead of paper and pencil students will be taking the test through College Board’s Bluebook app via a laptop or tablet that the student or their school provides (make sure to bring your charger!)
  • Adaptive Modules – Performance on the first Reading & Writing and Math modules will determine the level of difficulty of questions you get in the follow up modules (just focus on doing your best throughout!)
  • Shorter Passages – Instead of answering 10-11 questions about a single passage, each question will be based on a different batch of text (wider variety of reading content but more digestible!)
  • Calculator Use – Students will be able to use a calculator, including a Desmos graphing calculator built into the testing software itself, throughout the entire Math portion of the test (easy path to getting multiple question types right for free!)

I believe Menking Tutoring is about to release the best Digital SAT Prep Course available online. Here’s why:

#1. We focus on your MINDSET. Test-taking can come with a lot of anxiety for some, especially in a new format. We prepare your mind to control the stress and give you tips to conquer it. Having encouraging support based on cognitive science is extremely effective for mastering the mindset you need to maximize your potential.

#2. We focus on the PROCEDURE. Every question matters on the Digital SAT, and even students used to performing at a high level can end up frustrated by things slipping through the cracks. Having properly defined test taking techniques that are repeatedly rehearsed creates the muscle memory that students need to be totally confident on test day. Mastering the procedure means you’ll always know what to do next.

#3. We focus on the TOOLS. The Digital SAT has a built in graphing calculator that can be used for every problem on the Math modules. For a healthy variety of problem types the calculator will literally give you the answer if you know how to take advantage of all of its features. You don’t get any extra points for using a fancier, more difficult algebraic approach, so why not master the calculator and get at least a dozen problems right for free?

While many families are being advised to consider the ACT instead of the DSAT at this point because of the lack of official practice materials, students who were better suited for the SAT will likely continue to find the DSAT the path of least resistance to the highest percentile score. If you have any questions about test selection, the DSAT, or our courses please contact our team at for more info